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Discover the ultimate convenience with Clust App, your reliable partner for seamless travel across Albania’s stunning cities and picturesque landscapes. While Uber might not be available everywhere in Albania, Clust App has you covered with comprehensive service in every city from Vlore to Sarande and beyond.

Whether you’re exploring the historic city of Vlore or venturing towards the scenic shores of Sarande, our dedicated taxi service ensures a comfortable and convenient journey. With our user-friendly Clust App, booking your ride is effortless, guaranteeing reliable transportation and peace of mind throughout your trip.

Say goodbye to travel uncertainties and hello to hassle-free exploration with Clust App. Experience the ease of Uber-like convenience with local expertise, ensuring your travels across Albania are smooth and enjoyable.

1. Clust App

Clust App leads the pack as the closest approximation to the Uber experience in Albania. Not only does it cover major tourist cities like Sarande, Vlore, Tirana, and Durres, but it also supports longer trips through its City to City function. Additionally, Clust App stands out as the only app in Albania to date that accepts card payments within the app, enhancing convenience for travelers. With its seamless and user-friendly interface, Clust App offers real-time tracking, transparent pricing, and a commitment to safety, providing the closest you will get to an Uber-like experience in Albania.

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2. Ups Taxi App

Ups Taxi App closely resembles the Bolt experience in Albania and is renowned for its safety features. It connects users with licensed taxi drivers nearby, providing peace of mind during travels. The app’s user-friendly interface allows for easy booking at any time of day or night. Users can track the taxi’s location in real-time and receive essential information about the vehicle, including license plate, phone number, color, and model. With Ups Taxi, passengers can enjoy a secure and convenient taxi-hailing experience throughout Albania.

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3. operates similarly to Bolt, offering nearly instant access to taxis. Its drivers may be licensed taxi drivers or private car owners seeking additional income. The app follows a pricing structure of 250 Lek (~€2) for up to 1.5 km, with an additional 85 Lek (~€0.75) per km thereafter. Overall, presents a strong alternative to Bolt in Albania, providing convenience and competitive pricing for travelers.

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4. Patoko

Representing a new entrant into the Albanian transportation scene, Patoko offers customers an experience akin to Bolt within the country. Through the Patoko app, passengers can seamlessly connect with nearby drivers and request immediate service, enhancing the travel experience for users. While currently, payment is made in cash upon the taxi’s arrival, the app is working towards integrating card payments in the near future, further streamlining the process for passengers.

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5. Udhë

Udhë stands out as a unique carpooling platform, akin to Bla Bla Car, facilitating connections between drivers and commuters. Originating as an online community aiming to digitize hitchhiking, Udhë has evolved into a virtual platform offering an alternative solution for city-to-city travel. The platform not only serves domestic routes but also regularly offers rides to neighboring countries such as Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece. With a thriving online community boasting over 30,000 members, Udhë provides a reliable and cost-effective means of transportation while contributing to environmental sustainability.

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